Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Back!!

It's been so long since I have blogged, that I forgot how to use this site LOL:).... I blame it on Facebook ha ha!. Well lets see I don't think I have even posted something in two years or maybe longer, so here's an update on our little family. Everything is going well with all of us... Mike's had a stable job for the past three years working for a re-distribution company called Dot foods as an Trucker Driver. They have been really good to him and our family.  I have  worked for  the same call center the past three years and stay because of the  flexibilility and the great friends I have made.  I also have the Best Boss who is awesome and very understanding. Amber Is now 17yrs and is a Junior at Mountain Crest High. She is doing well in school with grades and  she trying to keep it that way,  She wants to go to College so that has been her main focus...besides boys. LOL:) She is becoming an beautiful person inside and out.
Seth...just turned eleven the beginning this month of March. He has the sweetest personalilty and is just so funny as well.. He is in to video Games and Baseball and will be going in to Football in the fall. I just Can't believe how much both Amber and Seth have grown, before we know it, Mike and I will be Empty Nesters.
Not sure when my next post will be so I guess I'll be back to post on the Flipside.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catchin up on Blogging... Past and Recent Happenings!

I know, I have been the biggest slacker when it comes to Blogging. I have gone from having my whole day to myself to play and diddle dattle on the computer to getting a full time job sitting in front of one, It's not so much fun anymore to me, being on the computer or phone. In January, I got a Job with Western Wats, a Data Research Company. It's been the best thing for me. I have found structure in my life again. I have started to care and take care of me. I wake up early mornings and do my workout before i get ready to start the day. Weight is starting to come off me..but still has a ways to meet my goal. The Bonus of having a Job is the extra income, It has been a help to our savings, and glad i could help out in that department. So What exactlly do i do at Western Wats? I Call all kinds of Businesses and Take surveys on all kinds of Subjects, Anywhere from Medical to Financial Investment firms. I have learned a lot and have a great team and the Best Boss ever. Having a Wonderful Boss makes going to Work so much easier. Well that about sums it up what i have been up to and the last four months. Mike is still driving for Central and probably will be there for a good while until he can get miles under his belt. We only get to see him four days out of the month, andThese special four days are treasured. Absences absoutely makes the heart grow founder. It's hard not having a Husband around, but i try not to let it bother me so.. I have to stay possitive and think of it as a Blessing..Mike having a job.
Amber is your typical teenager, into boys,music and friends. She is growing in to a beautiful young women. I just want to bubble wrap up everywhere she goes, to keep the boys away. LOL:) She will be in Ninth grade this next year. Recently she Tried out from the Glee Glub and got in. She has a beautiful voice. I look forward to her school programs.
Seth is a Thriving, energenic, 2nd grader. He just had his Special 8th Birthday, and was Baptized along with his cousin Savannah on March 6th. The Baptism was wonderful..followed by a nice luncheon. Seth will be starting his first sport..Baseball her in late may. He is super excited. Well, I think thats the most i have written on my blog page. Much more is to follow and i hope i can be better at keeping up with the blog thing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Feeling of Love this Christmas Season

I just want everyone to know..The love i have for my family and friends! Mike and i were in a pretty bad funk for awhile and it was you who helped us get through it! I feel so blessed this Christmas to have a income and for my Hubby( Mike) to have a job that supports us and will lead the way for us to be on our own once more. I am especially Thankful for my Inlaws for taking us infor awhile. I have really enjoyed staying with you...and feeling the peace and spirit that is in your home. I love my Kids...Both of them have their cute personality that bring joy and and fun to the household. It's my kids that get me going through my bad days...Every I love you's and Hugs just makes the Day better. I love all my close was your Faith and love that helped me in low times. I love my Heavenly father..for giving us His only begotten son. Through our trails Our Savior, along with the Holy Ghost is never far from us. I grateful for the Atonement.. and the love we can feel each and living his commandments. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I love you all~ Suz

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucked out!!!!

So yesterday i take Seth to Walmart to get his Halloween costume. I only had like $18.00...most of it change i have been saving up. In my mind i was thinking costumes would only be like fiftheen dollors and i would be fine. Well to my dismay....all the costumes were $20 dollors. I am Freaking out... Seth has ran off looking at all the costumes....and comes back to me with this one he picked out. It was a megatron priced at $12 dollors. I say hmmm...this could not be right..all the other Megatron costumes are twenty dollors....This must not be right. I go and price check it...and to my suprise it says $12.oo. I say Sweet we'll take it. I just felt soo Lucky and blest..because if Seth didn't come to me with that one costume,we would be going home emptied handed....and Seth one Sad and upset boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know now...That that one costume was waiting for us....and i was being blest.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trucking Right Along........

I am excited to tell you all that..Mike is now employed with a Trucking company! He will be with Central Refrigerated service, Inc. He passed all his test for his Class A CDL...and will be on the road with his trainer for a month. After his month with his trainer he will be in his own truck going all over the US....And i could also go with him on the road if i want to. I really feel things are turning around and moving forward for our little family. We feel blessed!!!!!!!!!!!! The other thing i am excited about is that i was able to go see my Brother in law get sealed in the Logan temple. It's been along time since i have been to the temple. The spirit was so strong ...It just feel soo good to be engulfed in it!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back in the good ol State of Utah....

We just couldn't stay away! It just didn't work out in Cali.....We just felt it wasn't right for our family to be there. We did have fun going to the Beach and going on hikes with my Brother in law in his kids almost ever other day. Mike said It was nice summer vacation...he hadn't have in the seven years we had the pizza business. Mike had taken a liking to bodyboarding ..and just couldn't get enough of the swells, but other then going to the beach...Mike was having an even harder time finding work there. So now we are back in Cache County, living with Mike parents for the time being until we can save enough money to get back on our feet. I feel at peace at moment...and feel Utah is where i really want to be. I just want to be stable for a while and let my kids finsih out a school year. So i hope the months to come look up for us...I feel they will. During our hardship.. Heavenly Father has been so gracious to us..and has blessed us with overwhelming patience and Faith. I have some good news to report...i will have a renewed temple recommend by tonight. I hear the temple callling my name...and soo excited to get back to do work for those who need me. I want to thank my Family and friends who have been there for Mike and I. We love you!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Moved to Cali......

We packed up and got rid of a lot of of stuff to move in with my parents. Hopefully Mike will have better luck finding a job here. Since we have beeen here in my home growing up... we have been decluddering and boy its a full time job just doing that...... My Mom loves to hold on to stuff!!!! Anyway... if any of my Cali blogger friends are reading this...please call me. my cell is 562- 704-7190 and my home is 562 433-3339 I will love to get together with your kids for a playdate.